Jennifer Brown

Jennifer has always had a great appreciation of beautifully designed objects and places. From a very young age, she could be seen showing up to the first day of school with glitter pencils and brightly colored Lisa Frank notebooks. Color has the power to affect our mood, and for Jennifer, being surrounded by color has always brought her happiness. She didn’t realize that she wanted to go into a design-related field of study until she reached high school. Somewhere around the age of 15, it occurred to her that she wanted to be an interior designer. She didn’t grow up in the industry and didn’t know anyone who was a designer or even what interior design really is, but she wanted to learn. Jennifer began her journey by attending the University of Arkansas as an interior design student. While there, she gained valuable knowledge and skills that are essential to a designer. More importantly, she learned about the dedication and passion that goes into good design. After her last year at school, Jennifer returned to Memphis and began working at Jill Hertz Interior Design as an intern. Upon completion of the internship, she received her degree in interior design and was hired at JHID as a permanent employee where she is able to utilize her current skills and learn new techniques and knowledge to help her career grow. 

The details are not the details. They make the design.

-Charles Eames