Is It Mold?

Posted by Jill Hertz | 12.16.15

      If you use a brown tone grout with a brown tone tile, you will not be able to tell if you have mold or just wet grout. This is one of the reasons we do not specify brown tone grout.

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JHID is now offering Christmas Decorating Services!

Posted by Jill Hertz | 10.22.15

This holiday season, JHID is offering Christmas decorating services. We will provide custom interior and exterior decorating for your home. We have a limited number of openings, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!  

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JHID Wins Best Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Jill Hertz | 08.11.15

JHID was selected as the winner for “Best Bathroom Remodel” in Angie’s List 2015 Experts Photo Contest! This comprehensive master bath remodel includes all custom cabinetry, tile, lighting, mirrors and furnishings. Check out the article and other winning categories here.

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JHID Featured in July Issue of At Home Magazine

Posted by Jill Hertz | 07.10.15

JHID made the cover of this month’s July 2015 issue of At Home magazine and is featured in the article “Spice it Up! Design Trends for the Kitchen.”  Keep reading to learn about what people today are looking for in good kitchen design and what you should be asking your designer to get the most of out of your kitchen remodel. Spice it Up!...

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Interior Design vs Interior Decorating

Posted by Jill Hertz | 07.02.15

Learn the Important Differences Between These Two Professions:   Interior design and interior decorating are often mistaken for being the same thing, but the terms are not interchangeable. While they have many similarities, interior design and interior decorating have a few differences: some subtle, some significant. What is Interior Design Schooling – Interior design is a profession that requires specific schooling and formal...

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